Utility-Scale Wind RFP – POSTING: Revised Bidder Information Webcast; Clarification of Formula for Calculating Supplier Fee

A revised version of the Bidder Information Webcast with the correct formula to calculate the Supplier Fee on slide 15 has been posted to the Final Materials page of the Utility-Scale Wind section of the procurement website.

The formula to calculate the Supplier Fee under the Utility-Scale Wind RFP is $0.18 times the Annual Quantity of RECs for a Project (which is equivalent to about $0.18/15=$0.012 per REC assessed on the anticipated quantity of RECs over the entire 15-year delivery term). As a further clarification, we note that the “Annual Quantity of RECs” means that annual quantity that is identified by the Procurement Administrator as the Bidder’s winning Bids and that becomes the quantity under contract if the Commission approves the results of the procurement event.  In the case of a partial award, the quantity under contract may be smaller than the quantity that a Bidder submitted in its Bid.