Brownfield RFP – REMINDER: Deadline to Provide Comments on the Draft Standard Contract Form is Monday

The IPA seeks to procure 80,000 renewable energy credits (“RECs”) delivered annually from new brownfield site photovoltaic projects under 15-year contracts.  This procurement event is held under the Brownfield Site Photovoltaic RFP (“Brownfield RFP”) in accordance with the Order from the Illinois Commerce Commission dated April 26, 2019.  A full calendar of events has been posted to the Calendar page of the procurement website.

The Procurement Administrator posted to the procurement website the draft standard contract form (the “Draft Brownfield REC Contract”).  The Procurement Administrator invites interested parties to comment on the draft standard contract form to be used by all winning suppliers in this procurement event.  The comment process is explained in the Invitation to Comment posted here.  The process can be summarized as follows:

  • Use the Draft Brownfield REC Contract to submit your comments in Microsoft Word tracked changes; you may provide explanatory notes as well.
  • Send your comments by email to the Procurement Administrator at:
  • Provide your telephone number and email in the event that the Procurement Administrator seeks clarification regarding your comments.

The deadline to provide comments is 6 PM Central Prevailing Time on Monday, June 3, 2019.