Wind and Solar RFP – REMINDER: Part 1 Proposals Due by 12 PM (noon) on Monday!

Part 1 Proposals are due by 12 PM (noon) CPT on Monday, August 7, 2017.  Bidders can log on to the online form here or select Qualification Forms on the side navigation panel of the procurement website and choose “Click here to fill out the Wind and Solar Form” after entering your login credentials.

Bidders with multiple projects must submit all Part 1 Proposals for all Projects by the deadline.  Additional time for submission will not be granted regardless of the number of Projects presented by a Bidder.

After submitting a Part 1 Proposal, you will receive the results of an initial review by the Procurement Administrator.  This review will either say that the Part 1 Proposal is complete or it will list any deficiencies. In case of deficiencies upon this first review, you will have two business days to respond.

To obtain login credentials for the online application, please register for an application account by completing the form here. Select the “Wind and Solar RFP” Category.  If you requested an account and you have not received your login credentials, please contact us via email (  Please include your name, phone number, company name, email address, and the number of projects for you are requesting accounts in your communication to us.