DG RFP – REMINDER: Comments on Capacity Factors due August 7

In the Early Information Release posted on July 28 to the Draft Documents page of the Fall Utility DG section of the procurement website, the Procurement Administrator released solar capacity factors updated for the reporting of system size using an AC rating.  The Procurement Administrator invited interested parties to submit comments on the updated capacity factors. The deadline to submit comments is 6PM CPT on Monday, August 7, 2017. Please submit your comments by email to the Procurement Administrator at:

Comments on the capacity factors should be submitted generally for all systems within a given technology and should not be for specific systems. The final values of the capacity factors will be applied to systems submitted by all bidders and not just to the systems submitted by the commenting party. If you are suggesting adjustments of capacity factors, please provide any available data or documentation to support your position. Any data provided should be generally applicable to systems within the given technology and should not be for a specific system.