ANNOUNCEMENT: IPA Seeks Feedback on Brownfield Site Photovoltaic Procurement

In November 2018, the Illinois Power Agency, through its Procurement Administrator NERA Economic Consulting, Inc., conducted a competitive procurement event seeking to procure 80,000 RECs delivered annually through 15-year delivery contracts from qualified new brownfield site photovoltaic projects in Illinois. No successful bids were received, and thus no projects were selected under this procurement event.

The IPA is now seeking feedback on any barriers that may have limited successful participation in the Brownfield Procurement.  Click here for a document listing specific questions that the Agency has posed.

Comments are welcome from both bidders in the recent brownfield procurement event as well as other interested parties.  Responses to questions will help inform the Agency’s next steps—including whether to petition the Illinois Commerce Commission for authority to conduct another Brownfield Procurement in the coming months.   

Responses are due by February 19, 2019 and should be sent to