Brownfield RFP – Do you Intend to Participate in the Brownfield RFP?

The Brownfield RFP will begin shortly and seeks to procure Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) from new brownfield site photovoltaic projects as defined in Section 1-10 of Public Act 99-0906 (the “Act”).

Do you have Brownfield projects that meet the requirements of the Act?  If you intend to participate in the Brownfield RFP, please email with:

  • “yes”
  • The number of accounts required

The Procurement Administrator will reissue your login credentials and you will receive access to the Brownfield RFP Part 1 Form opening Thursday, June 13, 2019.  The representative who received the login credentials originally will receive the re-issued login credentials as well unless you specifically instruct us otherwise.

Please respond at your earliest convenience.  The deadline to submit Part 1 Proposals for the Brownfield RFP is Thursday, June 20, 2019.