Utility-Scale Wind RFP – REMINDER: Invitation to Bidder Training

Training for Bidders in the Utility-Scale Wind RFP is scheduled for TODAY, Friday, October 18, 2019 from 12 PM to 2 PM Central Prevailing Time.

 The objective of the training session is for you to practice all aspects of the bid submission procedure that you will use on the Bid Date.  During the training session, you will also have the opportunity to call the Procurement Administrator to ask questions about the Bid Form and bid submission procedures. 

Please refer to the Bid Form Guide as well as the Invitation to Bidder Training document provided with your Part 1 Notification (sent on October 9, 2019).  Once you have submitted your Bid Form during the training session, please call the Procurement Administrator at 202-466-9218 to confirm that we have received your Bid Form.

 Please contact the Procurement Administrator if you are missing any of the materials for the training session or if you are not able to participate.

Please reply to this email with “YES” if you are participating in the bidder training OR please reply to this email with “NO” if you are unable to participate in this bidder training.