Utility-Scale Wind RFP – REMINDER: Bid Window is Now Open!

The Bid Window for the Utility-Scale Wind RFP is NOW OPEN

All Bids must be submitted during the Bid Window between 10 AM and 12 PM (noon) Central Prevailing Time TODAY and you must be available by phone during the cure deficiency period following the Bid Window between 12 PM (noon) and 1 PM Central Prevailing Time.

The confidential information for purposes of submitting your Bids has a purple background.   Your login information for access to the secure bid transfer site and security code are provided in your confidential information.  Please notify the Procurement Administrator immediately if you are missing materials needed to submit your Bid and this information will be re-issued to you.

The Procurement Administrator evaluates Bids submitted in accordance with the Utility-Scale Wind RFP for each Project that qualifies pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal and that fulfills all the requirements of the Part 2 Proposal as specified in Article V of the RFP Rules by 1 PM on the Bid Date.  The Act requires the Procurement Administrator to notify Bidders that the Procurement Administrator may, in its discretion, enter into post-bid price negotiations with Bidders. The Procurement Administrator has decided that there will be no post-bid negotiations.

Please contact us at 202-466-9218 for any questions regarding the bid submission process.