Low-Income Community Solar Pilot RFP – DEADLINE: Part 2 Proposals (Except Bids) Due 12 PM (noon) TODAY!

Part 2 Proposals for the Low-Income Community Solar Pilot RFP are due by 12 PM (noon) CPT, December 4th, 2019 (except for your Bids, which are due December 13th). Bidders can log on to the online form here or select Qualification Form on the side navigation panel of the procurement website and choose “Click here to fill out the Low-Income Community Solar Pilot Form” after entering your login credentials.

Bid assurance collateral must be provided in the form of a Pre-Bid Letter of Credit sent to the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) according to the instructions provided to you by the Procurement Administrator on November 19, 2019.  Other information required by the Part 2 Proposal must be provided through the online Part 2 Form. You can access the online Part 2 Form using the login credentials provided to you to access the online Part 1 Form.

Additionally, please note that you are required to respond to any request for additional information from the Procurement Administrator regarding the community involvement requirements by 12 PM (noon) Central Prevailing Time (“CPT”) on December 4, 2019.

Please email the Procurement Administrator at if you require assistance.