Low-Income Community Solar Pilot RFP – REMINDER: Last Chance to Revise Capacity Factor(s)

You elected the standard capacity factor of 22.75% or you provided evidence to support a different capacity factor in the Part 1 Proposal. This capacity factor is used in the Bid Form for purposes of calculating the annual number of RECs from the Project in column G by multiplying 1) the Project Size (MW), 2) the capacity factor (AC rating), and 3) 8760 hours.  The Procurement Administrator is providing you with an opportunity to update the capacity factor for a Project, if necessary.

If you wish to do so, please respond to this email by 6 PM Central Prevailing Time TODAY, December 11, 2019.  The following information is required for the capacity factor for a Project to be updated:

  1. The Project Tag from column D in the Bid Form;
  2. The revised capacity factor (AC Rating);
  3. The annual number of RECs from the Project as calculated using the formula provided in the prior paragraph of this email;
  4. Evidence to support the capacity factor.  Please provide a study from PV Watts or a similar tool.  If unavailable, please provide (i) an estimate of energy production for the Project and (ii) any relevant design specifications.

The Procurement Administrator will be reissuing the Bid Forms on December 12, 2019. The reissued Bid Forms will include any updates to the  capacity factors and will correct a small technical issue whereby an unnecessary warning is displayed.