C2S Procurement – ANNOUNCEMENT: Supplier Fee Guidelines on Contract Execution Process

Proponents and Sellers are required to pay the Supplier Fee to the IPA for a Project that has been selected through the C2S Procurement and approved by the Commission no later than seven (7) business days after ICC approval of the results of the procurement event.  The Supplier Fee is $0.86 times the annual quantity of RECs associated with a Project that has been selected and approved by the Commission.

For illustrative purposes, we provide below an example of the calculation of the Supplier Fee that will be due to the Illinois Power Agency. If a Project is selected through the C2S Procurement and is approved by the Commission, and if the annual quantity associated with the selected Project is 100,000 RECs, then the Supplier Fee due would be $86,000, which is calculated as follows:

Supplier Fee per REC = $0.86 per REC of the annual quantity
Annual Quantity = 100,000 RECs
Supplier Fee for Project = Supplier Fee x annual quantity

= $0.86 x 100,000 RECs = $86,000


Also, the contract execution process for each Company is fully described in Article V.3. of the Procurement Rules.