ANNOUNCEMENT: Illinois Power Agency Issues Request for Stakeholder Feedback Related to Initial Energy Workforce Equity Database

The final 2022 Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (“Plan”), published by the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) on August 23, 2022, proposed a phased rollout of the Energy Workforce Equity Database described in Section 1-75(c-25) of the Illinois Power Agency Act (“IPA Act” or “Act”). Per Section 1-75(c-25) of the IPA Act, the Energy Workforce Equity Database should be a publicly available, “searchable database of suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors for clean energy industries” that may be organized by company specialty or by region, and should include “contacts for suppliers, vendors, or subcontractors who are minority and women-owned business enterprise certified or who participate or have participated in any of the programs” created by the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (“CEJA”). Additionally, the Agency is tasked with creating a public-facing online tool that, among other features, includes job postings and recruiting opportunities [and] a means by which recruiting clean energy companies can find and interact with current or former participants of clean energy workforce training programs. Additional background information is provided in the Request for Stakeholder Feedback available on the IPA’s website.

While the IPA works on the comprehensive database to be rolled out in phases across 2023, the IPA proposes an interim database solution and seeks stakeholder feedback on its proposed approach to establishing an initial Energy Workforce Equity Database. Responses to this Request for Stakeholder Feedback should be submitted to the IPA by October 26, 2022, by emailing written responses to with the subject “Responder’s Name – Response to Energy Workforce Equity Database Feedback Request.”