ANNOUNCEMENT: Illinois Power Agency Publishes Update on Renewable Portfolio Standard Budget

The Illinois Power Agency has released an update to the Renewable Portfolio Standard Budget. The 2022 Long-Term Plan Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, published on August 23, 2022, contained an overview of the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard goals, targets, and budget, including discussion on how those items changed through Public Act 102-0662. This update contains new modeling that primarily reflects the implementation of the Indexed REC pricing model for utility scale procurements.

As part of this April 2023 update, the Agency has modeled ten scenarios illustrating how changes in assumptions could impact future budget availability. The Agency invites stakeholders to review the full RPS Budget Model, which allows for users to change assumptions and see how those inputs would impact future RPS budget availability.

Any questions regarding the RPS Budget Model and how to update inputs may be sent to