BEC RFP – ANNOUNCEMENT: Supplier Fees for Block Energy; Guidelines on Block Energy Contract Execution Process

A supplier who has bids approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”) will be assessed a Supplier Fee that is due to the Illinois Power Agency within seven (7) business days after ICC approval.

The Supplier Fees for the procurement events for Energy Products under the Spring 2024 Block Energy and Capacity RFP are:

$ 352 per on-peak block
$ 235 per off-peak block

The post-bid process is discussed in Section VI.2 of the RFP Rules, and the contract execution process for each Company is fully described in Paragraph VI.2.18 of the RFP Rules. A summary of the process and additional items required when executing the applicable contacts and related documents for ComEd is available upon request. Please email your request to the Procurement Administrator at