BEC RFP – POSTING: Draft RFP Rules and Final Pre-Bid Letters of Credit; ANNOUNCEMENT: New Fuel Mix Reporting Requirements

On February 27, 2023, the Procurement Administrator posted a draft version of the Spring 2023 RFP Rules as well as Appendix 18 Fuel Mix Report, to the Draft Documents page of the Block Energy and Capacity (“BEC”) section of the procurement website. The Procurement Administrator also posted the final Standard Pre-Bid Letters of Credit for energy and capacity.

New Fuel Mix Reporting Requirement:  The draft RFP Rules include information regarding the collection and release of fuel mix data for the procurement events beginning with the Spring 2023 BEC RFP:

  • In accordance with the ICC Order dated December 15, 2022 approving the IPA’s 2023 Electricity Procurement Plan with modifications (Docket No. 22-0590), fuel mix data related to winning Bids for a procurement event for Energy Products will be aggregated across successful Bidders and made public at the time of ICC approval of a procurement event for Energy Products.
  • The fuel mix data related to winning Bids will be collected in Appendix 18 Fuel Mix Report to the RFP Rules. The Fuel Mix Report is completed for all Bids identified as winning Bids for a Company and provides the expected fuel mix by month and on-peak/off-peak segment for that Company. Paragraph VI.2.15 of the draft RFP Rules details the requirements under Appendix 18.
  • The Officer of the Bidder must certify that if the Procurement Administrator notifies the Bidder that the Bidder has Bids that are identified as winning Bids to the ICC for a procurement event for Energy Products, the Bidder will submit a complete Fuel Mix Report by 6 PM on the day after the Bid Date. This new certification, and all other certifications required under the Part 1 Proposal, are found in Section IV of the RFP Rules.
  • The IPA will request the actual fuel mix of supply from each winning Bidder in each December for the preceding six months of a Planning Year for which energy was supplied to a Company and in each June for the preceding six months of a prior Planning Year for which energy was supplied to a Company. The fuel mix data will be requested in aggregate for the preceding six month period to be reported in a format similar to the Fuel Mix Report. If a portion of the actual fuel mix is unknown, the Bidder will be asked to explain why the information is not available.

A bidder information webcast will be held on Friday, March 17, 2023 and is open to all prospective bidders. The Procurement Administrator will provide an overview of the RFP Process and Rules including qualification requirements and requirements relating to the Fuel Mix Report. If you wish to participate, and have not done so already, please RSVP with the number of phone connections needed.