Capacity RFP – REMINDER: Bid Submission Training TOMORROW, February 9

A training session for the Early 2023 Capacity RFP is scheduled for TOMORROW, February 9, from 1PM to 3PM CPT. During the session, you will be able to ask questions about the Bid Form and you will be able to practice all aspects of the bid submission procedure that you will use on the Bid Date. Bidder training is done via the Procurement Administrator’s Secure Bid Transfer interface and is not conducted via a webcast.

Please have on hand the Invitation to Bidder Training, Bid Form, Confidential Information for Training (blue background), and Bid Form Guide. These documents were distributed with the Part 1 Notification via the application website on January 31, 2023.

Please contact the Procurement Administrator if you are missing any of the materials for the training session. If you are unable to practice the bid submission procedures during this timeframe, please contact the Procurement Administrator and either: (i) schedule an alternate time on February 9-10 to practice the bid submission procedures; or (ii) confirm with the Procurement Administrator that you are declining the opportunity to practice the bid submission procedures.