General FAQs

Q: If I have a question about an upcoming RFP who should I ask?

Any questions related to IPA’s competitive procurements should be submitted to the Procurement Administrator by going to the Ask a Question page or emailing the Procurement Administrator at


Q: When will the next Long-Term Plan be released?

The Final 2022 Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan was released in August 2022 (see IPA website here) and covers the IPA’s renewable energy resources procurement and programmatic activities for 2022 and 2023. The IPA will next update the Long-Term Plan starting in 2023 for approval in 2024 to cover activities for 2024 and 2025.


Q: Should requests under the Freedom of Information Act be addressed to the Procurement Administrator or directly to the Illinois Power Agency?

Please contact the Illinois Power Agency directly for questions related to FOIA requests.


Q: Where can I find the list of Approved Vendors under the Adjustable Block Program?

Please see the following link for a list of Approved Vendors under the IPA Adjustable Block Program:


Q: What is the address for the Illinois Power Agency?

The address for the Illinois Power Agency has changed and is now:

Illinois Power Agency
105 W Madison Street, Suite 1401
Chicago, Illinois 60602


Q: Can you provide a list of preferred SREC brokers?

The purpose of this website is to provide information to suppliers participating in the IPA’s procurement event.  We do not have a list of preferred brokers. The Illinois Solar Energy Association has information for homeowners generally:


Q: How can I register to receive announcements about upcoming RFPs?

To receive updates and information regarding the RFPs, please use our automated form to register to our mailing list here:


Q: If we are unable to meet a deadline set by the Procurement Administrator because of special, extraordinary circumstances, how should we proceed?

Please contact the Procurement Administrator if you will not be able to meet a deadline because of special and extraordinary circumstances.


Q: Are the responses for questions asked during the bidder information webcast posted to the website?

Yes, questions received during the bidder information webcast and responses provided are posted to the FAQ page of the IPA procurement website under the appropriate section for the RFP.


Q: Does the Procurement Administrator make available the slides from bidder information webcasts?

Yes, for each procurement event for which a bidder information webcast is held, the presentation and audio recording are posted to the Final Materials page of the applicable section of the website.


Q: Are the questions submitted via this portal public or private?

The Procurement Administrator responds to questions directly to the questioner. The question and answer are then posted to the FAQs page of the procurement website so that all interested parties have access to the same information. Aspects of the question and/or answer that might identify the questioner are removed before posting, to the extent practicable.


Q: Where can I find information regarding workshops held by the Illinois Power Agency?

All publicly available information regarding the Illinois Power Agency Workshops can be found on the Renewable Resources tab of the IPA’s website:

Revised 7/25/2019 first posted 6/25/2017


Q: Can you please provide the addresses for the procurement website and for the IPA’s website?

You can access the procurement website at:  You can access the IPA website at:


Q: How can we contact the Procurement Administrator by phone?

If you wish to speak to the Procurement Administrator, please send us an email with the topic of your question and your phone number. The appropriate individual from the Procurement Administrator will give you a call at the number you provided.


Q: Can we use the “ask a question” form to ask general questions or only to ask information specifically about the procurement events?

This website is for the IPA’s procurement events of electric supply and renewable energy products.  The “ask a question” form is expected to be used by suppliers that are looking for information relevant to their participation in these procurement events. While we respond to all stakeholders that submit questions, we do not respond to general questions or provide general information that is not specific to the IPA’s procurement events.


Q: Where can I find information regarding past RFPs?

Up to procurement events from 2012, links to the RFPs are provided in two columns, one for ComEd and one for Ameren Illinois, at this link:

For the procurement events from 2014 onward, links to the RFPs are provided for all participating utilities at the top of this page:

For instance, the information related to the 2015 energy and capacity procurements are here:


Q: Where can I find the results from previous RFPs?

Results are posted to the top of each archived RFP page here:

Results are also posted to the Illinois Commerce Commission website here: