Indexed REC RFP – ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming Request for Stakeholder Feedback; Summer 2023 Indexed REC RFP Scheduled

The Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) and the Procurement Administrator will hold a Request for Stakeholder Feedback related to the Indexed REC Procurements. The Request for Stakeholder Feedback will be posted by Friday, January 20, 2023 with responses due by Friday, February 3, 2023. Additionally, a workshop is planned for Wednesday, February 15, 2023 and will provide stakeholders an additional opportunity to provide comments through this stakeholder feedback process. The Request for Stakeholder Feedback is intended to solicit input on any barriers that may have limited participation and process improvements to facilitate participation in future procurement events. An announcement with additional information will be sent once the Request for Stakeholder Feedback has been issued.

In accordance with the IPA’s revision to its Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (“2022 Long-Term Plan”), which was approved with modifications by the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”) on July 14, 2022, a procurement of Indexed Renewable Energy Credits (“Indexed RECs”) from new utility-scale wind projects, new utility-scale solar projects, and new brownfield site photovoltaic projects will be held this Summer 2023. The complete schedule for the Summer 2023 Indexed REC RFP is posted to the Calendar page of the procurement website. Two rounds of written comments on the supplier contract and RFP Process and Rules will be solicited in March through April. Bidders may begin submitting qualification materials for Projects in May and Bids will be due on June 23, 2023.