Indexed REC RFP – REMINDER: Part 1 Proposals due Monday, June 3 by 12PM (noon) CPT

In order to submit a Bid for a Project in the Summer 2024 Indexed REC RFP, a Bidder must submit a Proposal, which consists of two (2) parts. The first part of the Proposal, the Part 1 Proposal, is the Bidder’s response to the qualification standards under the RFP Rules. Part 1 Proposals are submitted via the online Part 1 Form during the Part 1 Window. The Part 1 Window is open. Part 1 Proposals are due by 12 PM (noon) CPT on Monday, June 3, 2024.

 If you have not done so already, please register for an account to access the online Part 1 Form here under the Contact Us page. Select the “Indexed Wind, Solar, Brownfield, and Hydropower” category. Please include your name, company name, email address, phone number, and the number of projects for which you intend to submit a Proposal. A separate Proposal must be submitted for each Project. The Procurement Administrator will issue account activation and qualification form instructions to individuals that have registered. Only one account will be issued to a company.

Bidders that activate their account can log on to the online form here or select Qualification Form under the Indexed Wind, Solar, Brownfield, and Hydropower section on the side navigation panel of the procurement website and choose “If you have an account, please log in here”.

Please direct any questions regarding the Indexed REC RFP to the “Ask a Question” page of the procurement website.