W&S-94: If an interconnection agreement has not been executed for a Project, what are the requirements on the Bidder regarding the project milestones?

As explained in Section IV.2.3. of the RFP Rules, if an Interconnection Agreement has not been executed for a Project, the Bidder must provide contact information for owners, demonstrate exclusive control of the project site, and describe the stage of development. The Bidder is required to describe the stage of development of the Project appropriate to the point of interconnection and to the size of the Project. The Bidder must:  (i) indicate the utility or Regional Transmission Organization (e.g., PJM or MISO) to which the Seller has applied or will apply for interconnection; and (ii) if an application for interconnection has been made, indicate the specific milestones toward interconnection that have been met at this time or (iii) if an application for interconnection has not yet been made, provide other milestones in the development of the Project that have been reached to date.  For brownfield site photovoltaic projects, the Bidder must additionally describe the status of remediation of the site.