DG-36: Suppose our winning bids include a Forecast Quantity and we identify a system of the Small Size Class that is energized prior to January 28, 2018 (say on October 1, 2017). Is the system disqualified from being included in the contract because it is energized prior to January 28, 2018? If such a system can be included in the contract, can we be paid for RECs starting when it is energized on October 1, 2017?

There is no requirement for systems identified to replace Forecast Quantities to be energized only after January 28, 2018.  Such a system that is energized on October 1, 2017 may be included in the contract.  However, the IPA will amend the list of systems in the contract to include any such systems only once after January 28, 2018.  RECs from such systems may only be transferred for payment after they have been confirmed by the IPA for inclusion in the applicable supplier contracts, which will occur after January 28, 2018 and by February 28, 2018.