STP-77: 1. Are the amounts of the performance assurance collateral due as part of the contract execution process for the STP RFP pre-specified by Ameren and ComEd?

For the energy contracts, ComEd and Ameren Illinois (each a “Company”) do not specify any amount since typically no credit exposure exists when the contracts are signed. If, after signing, credit exposure develops, the Company will send the Winning Bidder a call notice. Winning Bidders may, at their option, provide a nominal amount for a guaranty in case market movements result in credit exposure.

On the other hand, the capacity contract for Ameren Illinois has known collateral requirements at the time of signing. The contract requires the collateral to be at least 10% of the contract value rounded up to the nearest $10,000.  Bidders may calculate this value based on the Notifications Regarding their Bids (or, after acceptance of the results by the ICC, based on the Notice of the ICC Decision) provided by the Procurement Administrator. If you would like to verify the contract value with Ameren Illinois after the ICC decision, please request contact information from the Procurement Administrator.

If a winning Bidder for the procurement event of Capacity Products for Ameren Illinois is also a winning Bidder for the procurement event of Energy Products for Ameren Illinois, that Bidder may consider adding a nominal amount in increments of $100,000 to the collateral provided for the procurement event of Capacity Products for Ameren in order to cover any possible future call notices due to market changes on the energy contract.