29: With reference to section 3.2 of the ComEd Energy Master Agreement, what does the following mean “Seller shall arrange and be responsible for transmission service to the Delivery Point and shall Schedule or arrange for Scheduling services with its Transmission Providers”?

The reference is from the standard EEI Master Power Purchase & Sale Agreement, and is further qualified by the instructions provided in the Confirmation that states: “Seller must schedule and deliver in the PJM Day-Ahead Market” to the Delivery Point (ComEd Zone). This means that Seller is responsible for arranging with PJM the required quantity to be made available at the ComEd zone for the hours that are scheduled. PJM allows market participants a variety of methods to make such arrangements. For example, injections of energy may occur at different points in the grid and PJM will settle the difference with the Seller. In other cases, the Seller may not have any energy injections for a given set of hours, PJM will commit or dispatch other units to cover the obligation on the Seller’s behalf and then charge the Seller for all such commitment/dispatch costs. Nonetheless, in all cases, the responsibility for settling all such arrangements with PJM will fall to the Seller.