SPV-27: According to the IPA Supplemental PV Plan, the minimum bid quantity in the sub 25 kW system category is 500 RECs, but at the same time no individual system can contribute more than 500 RECs to a bid in this category. These requirements seem contrary, is my understanding correct?

Your understanding is correct. The IPA Public Act 98-0672 contains an aggregator requirement for bids in the sub-25kW category, meaning bids in this category would include RECs from a variety of systems. The program addresses this requirement by requiring that the minimum bid quantity be of 500 RECs.

Please note that there are other requirements for systems to be bid into the program including that the system: 1) must be new, meaning that it must have been energized after January 21, 2015; 2) must have a revenue quality meter; 3) must be interconnected with a regulated utility, municipal utility, or rural electric cooperative in Illinois; 4) must be registered with PJM-EIS GATS or M-RETS; and 5) must be installed by Qualified Persons as this term is defined in the law.