SPV-39: Are non-profits, schools and churches eligible to participate in the SPV RFP?

Yes, there are no requirements that would specifically exclude non-profits, schools and churches from participating in the SPV RFP as long as the entity that is the bidder is able to meet the requirements of the SPV RFP and the Seller is able to perform the obligations under the SPV Contract.

Please note, however, that only systems meeting the statutory definition of “distributed renewable energy generation device” are eligible, and that whether at a home, business, nonprofit, school, church, or any other site, any such photovoltaic system must be located on the customer’s side of the customer’s electric meter. A full definition of “distributed renewable energy generation device” can be found in Section 1-10 of the Illinois Power Agency Act [20 ILCS 3855/1-10]. Also note that other funding sources (such as grants offered by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation) may place restrictions on the resale of RECs. Bidders are advised to consult the guidelines for other funding sources to ensure that the RECs from the system would be eligible for sale to the IPA.