33: Are there any alternatives to the methods provided for completing payment of the Bid Participation Fee and what if we miss the deadline of April 8, 2014 for payment of the Bid Participation Fee?

All materials for the Part 1 Proposals, including the Bid Participation Fee, must be received by 12 PM (noon) on the Part 1 Date which is April 8, 2014.

A Bidder must pay the Bid Participation Fee to the IPA as a condition of completing the Part 1 Proposal. A Bidder can pay: (i) by e-check through; or (ii) by check payable to “Illinois Power Agency”. Unfortunately, the IPA does not accept alternative methods of payment at this time.

The Bid Participation Fee is due on the Part 1 Date and the Bidder must provide evidence of compliance with this requirement with its Part 1 Proposal. Such evidence includes a photocopy of the check, a confirmation page from the e-check website, or a receipt from the IPA. The Bidder provides such evidence by email or by upload to the application website.

On the Part 1 Date, if the Part 1 Proposal is incomplete or requires clarification, the Procurement Administrator sends a deficiency notice to the Bidder. If a Bidder receives a first deficiency notice from the Procurement Administrator regarding any item of the Part 1 Proposal, the Bidder has until 6 PM on the business day following the business day during which a first deficiency notice is sent to the Bidder to respond. If the Procurement Administrator is unable to confirm receipt of your Bid Participation Fee with the IPA, the bidder may not be able to proceed further in the process.