SPV-100: Are there any templates for the acceptable documentation to be submitted with the Backup Insert (#P1-3) for the Host Acknowledgement?

Sample documents made available to Bidders that they may use in the preparation of their Proposals at this time include:

  • The Host Acknowledgment and Certification appended to the SPV Contract (Appendix 3). This form will be required as part of the execution of SPV Contract and can be submitted in advance with the Proposal (except for filling in the contract number).
  • An alternative Host Acknowledgment.
  • A sample letter of intent between a System Owner and a Seller for purposes of showing the agreement of the System Owner to give title to the Seller of the RECs from one or more systems.
  • There is no template for a letter of intent between a System Owner and a Host at this time.

While Bidders can be assured that these samples are acceptable for purposes of presenting the Proposal, Bidders are not required to use these samples. Bidders may instead develop their own documents to satisfy the requirements of the Proposal and such documents will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.