SPV-24: Are there limitations on the solar RECs that are eligible for the SPV RFP? In particular are there limitations with respect to location?

While the contractual terms and RFP documents are still in development, we can provide the following requirements for RECs that would be purchased by the IPA through the Supplemental PV (“SPV”) procurement. For bidding in the SPV RFP, these requirements include, but are not limited to, RECs that: (i) are generated by a solar photovoltaic system that qualified as distributed generation; (ii) are generated by a system energized January 21, 2015 or later; (iii) generated by a system that is interconnected with a regulated utility, municipal utility, rural electric cooperative in Illinois; (iv) are tracked in one of PJM Environmental Information System (“EIS”)’s Generation Attribute Tracking System (“GATS”) or the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (“M-RETS”); (v) are generated by a system installed by “qualified persons” (as this term in defined in the Act for this procurement); and (iv) are generated by a system on the customer side of a revenue qualify meter.

Please note that, in particular, the RECs must be Illinois RECs and RECs from other states are not eligible.