DG-10: As an alternative to issuing a Letter of Credit, are bidders able to meet collateral requirements by posting an equivalent amount of cash to the IPA?

No, the IPA will not accept cash to meet collateral requirements for the Utility DG RFP. All bidders must submit a Letter of Credit with their Part 2 Proposal.  This Letter of Credit stays in place at the start of the supply period to the extent that some of the systems presented in the Proposal have not begun accumulating metered deliveries or to the extent that some systems in the Small Size Class have not yet been identified.

All suppliers that are considering participation in the Utility DG RFP should begin at the earliest opportunity to work with their financial institutions to issue the Letter of Credit. The Letter of Credit has been posted here:

If the financial institution of the bidder would like to propose modifications to the Letter of Credit, such modifications can be presented by the Bidder to the Procurement Administrator prior to the Part 1 Date (the date at which Part 1 Proposals are due).