DG-15: Can a 1 MW bid include systems from both the Small Size Class and the Large Size Class? Must the Bidder present a single blended bid price? Will there be a single blended price under the applicable supplier contract?

Components of the first 1 MW Block presented by a Bidder may be of different technologies, may be from different Size Classes, and, for the Small Size Class, may be from identified systems or may include a forecast quantity.   To the extent that the first 1 MW Block features RECs from both the Large and the Small Size Classes, the Bidder must provide two Bid prices, a Bid price for each Size Class. Each price is a blend to the extent that the price applies potentially to several systems.

Under the applicable supplier contract with a given utility, there is a single blended price for each Size Class, which is calculated as the weighted average of the winning bid prices of the RECs that have been selected for award under the RFP process for that contract.