SPV-116: Can a Bidder amend the Post-Bid Letter of Credit for the contract letter of credit?

If you elect to submit a Post-Bid Letter of Credit as performance assurance, please note that it must be in the form of the Standard Post-Bid Letter of Credit or incorporate only modifications approved by the IPA and posted to the procurement website after the Part 1 Proposal process.

A Bidder may, in its Part 1 Proposal, provide comments on or propose modifications to the Standard Post-Bid Letter of Credit. This allows the issuing bank to request approval from the IPA for any modifications to the letter of credit that it may require to issue the letter of credit. Such modifications should be non-material in nature or to the mutual benefit of both the IPA and the Bidder. A Bidder provides comments and proposes modifications as redlines to the standard form in the LC Comment Insert (#P1-6) and uploads this insert to the space provided in the Part 1 Form or emails this insert to the Procurement Administrator at   Comments and modifications must be received by the Part 1 Date, October 23, 2015.