Indexed REC-5: Can a Bidder submit an annual quantity in the Bid based on a portion of the Project capacity?

The Bidder determines the full and minimum quantities of RECs to include in the Bid for a given Project. These quantities may represent a portion of the RECs from a Project. For a utility-scale wind, utility-scale solar, or brownfield site photovoltaic project, the full quantity must not exceed the Maximum Bid Size. The minimum quantity must not exceed the full quantity. The RECs from each Project selected through this RFP will be allocated by the Procurement Administrator to the Companies in pre-specified proportions (27.09% to AIC, 72.67% to ComEd, and 0.24% to MEC).

Importantly, in the Part 1 Proposal, a Bidder must provide the size of the Project in MW (AC rating), rounded to two (2) decimals, which in turn determines the area for which the Bidder must show site control, the amount of bid assurance collateral posted with the Part 2 Proposal, and the Maximum Bid Size. The size of the Project must be the total size of the Project and not a portion of the Project capacity.

Additionally, please note that under the Indexed REC Contract, the Seller will specify a Project Committed Percentage. The Project Committed Percentage means the percentage of the Project’s Actual Production to be used for purposes of the Standing Order. Please review Section 2.3(b) of the Indexed REC Contract for information regarding the Project Committed Percentage and the Standing Order.