SPV-63: Can a Bidder submit multiple Bids with each Bid at a different price point (say, 10 Bids of 500 RECs, with each Bid at its own price for a total of 5,000 RECs)? And, do those multiple price points have to be defined in the Part 1 or Part 2 Proposal process? If submitting a Bid for the 25-500 Product, does each “Bid” have to consist of a system or systems that amount to 500 RECs in order to have each system bid in at its own price?

Yes, a Bidder may submit multiple Bids at different price points as described. Bids are not due by the Part 1 Date or the Part 2 Date, but on the Bid Date. A Bidder must submit its Bids between 8 AM and 12 PM (noon) Central Prevailing Time on the Bid Date.

For the 25-Plus Category, a “Bid” is submitted at a price per REC specific to an identified photovoltaic system. A Bidder must present Bids for a number of identified systems to account for at least 500 RECs. Each identified system has a single Bid price. A different Bid price may be submitted for each identified system.

Alternatively, for the Sub-25 Category, a “Bid” is submitted at a fixed price per REC for a quantity of no fewer than 500 RECs. Such RECs may be associated with identified systems, with a forecast (or “speculative”) quantity, or a combination of both. If a Bidder is including both a forecast quantity of RECs and identified systems in the Sub-25 Category in its Proposal, then the sum of the forecast quantity and the RECs associated with identified systems must be at least 500 RECs. A Bidder may submit multiple Bids (with each Bid at least 500 RECs) resulting in more than one Bid price, but any price would be associated with no fewer than 500 RECs.

This FAQ has been updated since it was originally posted on 05-21-2015.