Indexed REC-6: Can a project located in an adjacent state to Illinois that has already received pre-approval by the IPA to be eligible for Illinois RPS compliance participate in this Indexed REC RFP?

A Project that is located in a state adjacent to Illinois may qualify to participate in the Indexed REC RFP if it meets the public interest criteria specified in Section 1-75(c)(1)(I) of the IPA Act by submitting data about the Project to the IPA and obtaining pre-approval from the IPA that the Project is eligible for Illinois RPS compliance. The evaluation spreadsheet dated August 15, 2022 and available on the IPA’s website, under the header “Adjacent State Facility Eligibility” here, must be used for the Fall 2023 Indexed REC RFP.

If a Project was pre-approved by the IPA ahead of a prior procurement event based on the evaluation spreadsheet dated August 15, 2022, then this approval remains valid for purposes the Fall 2023 Indexed REC RFP. The Bidder must provide evidence of this determination with the Part 1 Proposal.