LIP-33: Can a religious organization qualify as a community-based organization? What information must be provided regarding this organization?

A religious organization can qualify as a community-based organization (“CBO”) for purposes of presenting a proposal for a project under the Low-Income Solar Pilot RFP.

A CBO is an existing non-profit organization that provides programs and services within the community where the proposed project is or will be located. In the proposal for a project, the bidder is asked to identify a single CBO involved in the project and the bidder is asked to provide:

  • The name and address of the CBO;
  • A description of the programs and services offered by the CBO;
  • The CBO’s operating boundaries (describing the group of residents and the area over which the CBO is providing programs and services), which will define the “community”;
  • The CBO’s IRS Form 990 from 2017 or 2018; and
  • A letter from a representative of the CBO as evidence of the partnership of the bidder with the CBO for purposes of developing the project.

These requirements are further described in Section IV.3 of the RFP Rules.