Archived-LIP-26: Can a Project in a rural county define the community as an area within a 75-mile radius to include subscribers in Chicago?

For purposes of the Low-Income Community Solar Pilot RFP, the “community” is defined as the area around the Project. It is the area within a 10-mile radius for an urban county and within a 30-mile radius for a rural county. An urban county is a county that is in a Metropolitan Statistical Area or a HUD Metro FMR Area. A rural county is any other county in the state.  Organizations within the community are “community-based” and subscribers (as this term is defined in the key contract terms) are “qualified” if they reside within the community.

The Bidder may propose an alternative definition of the community associated with the Project, however, it is unlikely that a 75-mile radius will meet the requirements. In order to propose an alternative definition, the Bidder must provide:

  1. The name of the community;
  2. A map showing the relevant geographic boundaries; and
  3. Evidence that the community’s residents associate themselves with the community.

Revised 8/26/2019 first posted 8/21/2019