SPV-119: Can a tenant who will be the System Owner sign the Host Acknowledgement (Appendix 3 formerly Appendix C to the SPV Contract)?

Appendix 3 (formerly Appendix C) – Host Acknowledgment is attached to the SPV Contract. This acknowledgment is for the owner of the premises to acknowledge and agree to the installation of the system on the premises. This acknowledgment is required as part of executing the SPV Contract for Bidders with Bids approved by the Commission. A tenant would not be able to execute this document.

For purposes of the Part 1 Proposal, several documents are acceptable in terms of providing an acknowledgment from the Host. In all these cases, the documents are meant to establish that the System Owner is authorized to install the system at the address or location stated in the Proposal; such authorization is given by the owner of the site where the system is or will be installed. Generally, the documents that are acceptable for this purpose include: (i) a duly completed and signed Host Acknowledgment, provided as Appendix 3 to the SPV Contract, without the contract number filled in; or (ii) a signed copy of an agreement between the Seller and the Host, or between the System Owner and the Host, in which the Host acknowledges that the installation of a system is planned on the Host’s premises; or (iii) a letter of intent signed by the Host acknowledging that the installation of a system is planned on the Host’s premises; or (iv) another document that confers to the System Owner or the Seller site control or permission to install the system at the system location.

In your particular circumstances, we would expect that you would submit a document under (iv) that would show that the System owner has the right to install the system. This could be the long-term leases naming the System Owner and including the roof-rights sufficient for installation of the system. Please note that generally if a Bidder submits a document under (iv), the Procurement Administrator may require additional information from the Bidder, the System Owner, or the Seller regarding the nature of the document provided.