LIP-17: Can the description of how the Project will be financed, as well as information about the lenders and equity partners provided by Bidder in its Part 1 Proposal, be modified as the project evolves?

The program requirements have not yet been finalized at this time.  It is expected that changes to the financing plan could be accepted under certain circumstances and provided that similar assurances are provided to ensure the project development viability. At this time, if a signed Interconnection Agreement is not available for the Project, the Bidder is expected to provide the following documentation in its Part 1 Proposal:

  • A copy of the Interconnection Application for the Project;
  • A description of how the Project will be financed;
  • Letter(s) of intent from lenders or equity partners to cover 30% of the project financing; and
  • Documentation for site control for an area in acres of at least 3 times the Project size in MW (AC rating).

So that information can be evaluated and assessed during the RFP review period, your Part 1 Proposal is expected to remain unchanged during the RFP Process and the Part 1 Proposal must remain in full force and effect until seventeen (17) days after the Bid Date.