DG-35: Can the Procurement Administrator provide an un-locked version of the Identification Worksheet Insert (#P1-2)?

A Bidder may request an unlocked Identification Worksheet Insert from the Procurement Administrator by emailing The Procurement Administrator will provide an Insert with a number of unlocked columns, each corresponding to a system.  The Bidder must specify the number of columns required.

The purpose of locking the Insert is to ensure that all responses from Bidders follow the same format to reduce the processing time of the Bidder’s Proposal.  If a Bidder requests and uses an un-locked Identification Worksheet Insert, the Procurement Administrator may encounter delays in reviewing your submission should the Insert not be in the format we expect.  Should this occur, the Procurement Administrator will advise the Bidder of that fact and may need to reduce the time provided to the Bidder to respond to any request for further information.