S&B-52: Can the same Seller submit two separate projects that may be in the same location?

Please note that the Bidder is the entity submitting the Proposal while the Seller is the entity that would be executing the REC Contracts if the Project is selected and approved by the Commission. A Bidder may submit multiple Projects and these Projects can have the same or different Sellers. Please also note that a Project for purposes of the Brownfield and Utility-Scale Solar RFP has or will have a single revenue quality meter that satisfies the requirements of the applicable regional transmission organization, transmission provider, or distribution company, and that measures or will measure its generation output.  Thus, for each Project presented in a separate Proposal must be separately metered and have its own account in PJM EIS GATS or M-RETS. If the Projects are co-located there may be additional requirements in terms of site control documentation.