STP-62: Can two affiliated companies both submit a Part 1 Proposal to the STP RFP if they are aware of each other’s participation? Only one of the two companies would eventually submit bids.

No. The RFP Rules do not allow a situation where one bidder has information about the Proposal submitted by another bidder or where two potential bidders are coordinating to decide on whether each of them will participate in the RFP. If both companies did submit a Part 1 Proposal, there are a number of certifications that such companies could not make in good faith and thus they may be unsuccessful in the presentation of their Proposals and unable to submit bids. In particular, each Bidder must certify that (i) the Bidder is part of a bidding agreement, a joint venture for purposes of participating in the RFP, a bidding consortium, or any other type of agreement related to bidding in this RFP; and (ii) the Bidder is bidding independently and that it has no knowledge of any Proposal being submitted for this procurement event by another Bidder in response to this RFP. Please note that a Bidder found to be acting in concert with another Bidder will be disqualified by the Procurement Administrator .