STP-41: Can we change “branch office” to “agency office” in Paragraph 14 for the ComEd Pre-Bid Letter of Credit?

There is no process to have additional changes to the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit reviewed or approved at this point in the ComEd procurement event.  On a courtesy basis, we will note that the previously acceptable modification 14.6 includes a change from “branch office” to “agency office”.  We would also note that if you adopt this modification, an additional paragraph, in a form substantially similar to additional paragraph 4, is required.  Acceptable modification 14.6 includes an additional change from “Issuing bank” to “issuer” that may be required to make clear the relationship between the agency office and the foreign bank unless this is adequately addressed elsewhere in the letter of credit.  When your Pre-Bid Letter of Credit is issued, ComEd will review it and determine whether it is acceptable.