DG-44: Can we have multiple subsidiaries all bid in the Utility DG RFP?

Such a structure is likely inconsistent with the requirements of the RFP.  We strongly encourage you, before having multiple subsidiaries submit a proposal, to review the requirements of the Proposal under the Utility DG RFP. For instance, as a requirement of the Proposal, a Bidder is required to make a number of certifications, including:

  • The Bidder has no material information relating to the Proposal of another party;
  • Other than such discussions necessary for the preparation of the Proposal, the Bidder has not disclosed, publicly or to any other party, any material information relating to the Proposal, including the systems presented as part of the Proposal; the Bids for such systems; or the Products for which Bids are presented.

We note that the fact that you are asking whether multiple subsidiaries can all bid in the same procurement event under the Utility DG RFP implies that you have knowledge of each subsidiary’s  intention to submit a Proposal.  It thus would appear that you would not be able to make the certifications above (and potentially other certifications required by the Proposal).