BEC-33: Can we provide our draft Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for a Company, with modifications, for review prior to our bank issuing a final executed Pre-Bid Letter of Credit?

The Procurement Administrator will not be soliciting comments on the Standard Pre-Bid Letters of Credit in the Fall 2023 Block Energy and Capacity RFP. Further, neither the Procurement Administrator nor the Companies review draft language for the Pre-Bid Letters of Credit.

A Bidder that is submitting Bids for the Fall 2023 Block Energy procurement event for a Company must, in its Part 2 Proposal, submit financial guarantees by providing either cash or a Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for that Company. The Pre-Bid Letter of Credit must be in the form of the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for a Company or incorporate only modifications approved by that Company as posted to the procurement website. The modifications approved by each Company were posted to the Final Materials page of the Block Energy and Capacity Procurement section of the procurement website on June 30, 2023.