SPV-112: Can we submit a single “sample” contract and then provide individual signature pages for each contract we have in place to demonstrate the agreement between the System Owner and Seller?

A Bidder that is using a standard contract for agreements between a System Owner and a Seller may submit a “sample” contract and the signature page for each contract.  Such a Bidder will be required to confirm that:

  • For each system for which only a signature page is submitted with the Proposal, the contract form used by the System Owner and the Seller is the standard contract for which the “sample” was provided by the Bidder.
  • If, for a system, the agreement between a System Owner and a Seller is not in the form of the standard contract, the Bidder will provide the entire contract to the Procurement Administrator.

The Procurement Administrator will require that the Bidder provide a written confirmation to this effect with the Bidder’s Proposal.