SPV-79: Can you please advise whether it will be acceptable to the IPA for a winning Seller in the SPV RFP to transfer and/or assign rights and obligations under the SPV Contract to another entity?

Under the SPV Contract, the Seller may make a request to the IPA for the transfer or assignment of Seller’s rights and obligations to another entity (the “Transferee”).  In its request, Seller must name the Transferee, provide the relationship between Seller and Transferee (if any), and must provide all necessary documentation to show that Transferee meets all conditions specific to a Seller under this Agreement.

If the assignment or transfer is for purposes of pledging or assigning the revenues under this Agreement to a lender or other financing party as security for the project financing or tax equity financing of the System, or to an affiliate of Seller, consent shall be deemed automatic if Seller remains the counterparty to the Agreement.

Please see Article 11 of the SPV Contract for details regarding assignment under the SPV Contract.