BSP-12: Can you please confirm that the evaluation does not have set-asides either based on project size or location?

There are no set-asides.

The evaluation procedure is provided in Paragraph IV.2.10 of the RFP Rules and proceeds in several steps. The evaluation first eliminates Bids that fail to meet or beat the benchmarks. Second, Bids that meet or beat the benchmarks are ranked in order of price per REC. Third, the selection of Bids proceeds as follows. The lowest‐priced Project is selected. If the Target is not yet met by the quantity for the lowest‐priced Project, the number of RECs not yet assigned, the “remaining Target,” is calculated. The next lowest‐priced Project is considered. The next lowest‐priced Project is selected if the partial award quantity for such Project does not exceed the remaining Target. The quantity selected for such Project is the full quantity or the remaining Target, whichever is lower. If, after considering this Project, the Target is still not yet met, the next lowest‐priced Project is considered. This process continues (considering whether the partial award quantity for the Project can be selected without exceeding the remaining Target) until all Bids that have met or beat the benchmarks have been considered, or until the Target is met, whichever comes first. The Projects selected are those for which the quantities bid are used to fill the Target, in whole or in part.