DG-30: Can you please explain the metering standards for two sub 10kW systems which share an interconnection point but have two separate meters?

There are differences in the metering standards depending on whether the system is registered with MRETs or with GATS.

  • For systems registered with M‐RETS, all such systems must utilize an ANSI C.12 certified revenue quality meter as specified in M‐RETS Operating Procedure 7.2. Inverter readings are not allowed.
  • For systems registered with GATS, such systems must utilize: (i) a meter that is accurate to +/‐ 5% (including refurbished and certified meters); or: (ii) an inverter that is specified by the manufacturer to be accurate to +/‐5%, that is UL‐certified, and that includes a digital or web‐based output display.   Inverter readings are acceptable for such systems as long as the in this paragraph are satisfied.

If the systems are not yet registered with MRETs or GATS, the Bidder would be required to register these systems with GATS should the systems be part of the winning bids and the inverters must satisfy the conditions provided above. In including these systems in its Bids, the Bidder is representing that it made the investigations necessary to determine that there exist to impediments to these systems registering with GATS and satisfying the IPA’s metering accuracy standards.

Please note that production estimates are not allowed and all output used to create RECs must be measured.