S&B-69: Can you please extend the deadline for providing bid assurance collateral?

No, an extension is not possible. A Bidder must submit its Part 2 Proposal including bid assurance collateral, (but excluding Bids), by 12 PM (noon) on the Part 2 Date, which is November 14, 2018. Information and documents required by the Part 2 Proposal must be provided through the online Part 2 Form and bid assurance collateral must be submitted directly to each Company.

If on the Part 2 Date, a bidder submits information and documents through the online Part 2 form, but does not provide the bid assurance collateral, the Part 2 Proposal (excluding Bids) is deficient. The Procurement Administrator will send a first deficiency notice to the Bidder. The Bidder will have until 6 PM on the second business day following the business day during which a first deficiency notice is sent to the Bidder to respond.