DG-38: Can you provide a list of the differences between the Utility DG program and the Supplemental PV RFP?

We invite you to review the available documentation for the two programs to understand fully the differences. We highlight a few of these differences below:

The DG systems that are eligible are different:

  • The Supplemental PV RFP procured RECs produced by new distributed renewable energy devices that are of solar photovoltaic technology.
  • The Spring Utility DG RFP procures RECs produced by new or existing distributed renewable energy devices that may be from different technologies and are not limited to only solar photovoltaic.

The contract structure is different:

  • The SPV RFP featured a structure where there was one contract associated with each system and the counterparty to the contract was the Illinois Power Agency.
  • In the Utility DG RFP, there is a contract for a portfolio of systems and a winning bidder may have one or more contract with a utility (AIC, ComEd and/or MEC).

We also note that the Utility DG RFP has a minimum bid size of 1 MW and that, to the extent possible, the RFP seeks to procure 50% of RECs from systems below 25 kW.